Photo Competition 2021

The winners will be presented at our website December 15th.

Send us your best pictures from your visit at Smålandet! The three best pictures will be awarded with a prize(1st prize 2000:- 2nd prize 1000:- and 3rd 500:-)

The pictures have to be sent to us before October 26th.

Send the pictures to: Smålandet preserves the right to use any of the pictures entered in the competition.

The winners of Smålandets photo contest 2020

This year we have received over 700 pictures to the contest. Many are great and it has not been easy to select the winner of the year.

The first prize goes to Jannik Berthold from Germany.

Jannik has managed to capture and frame the meeting between a moose and a human in a very harmonious way. Signe is a very calm and confident moose. With her 13 years in the park she has met many visitors. The red hat makes the image stand out. With some snow in the background, the picture could fit like a Christmas card.

The second prize goes to Silvan Mager from Germany.

Silvan has taken a very rare picture that can only be taken ones a year. The big bull Gösta has finally started his heat after a couple of weeks delay compared to his younger competitors. Here you see how the soft velvet is swept off from the antlers and the white crown emerges.

The third prize goes to Willi Heidbrink from Germany

Guess which animal this is? With this dark, detailed, almost frightening close-up, Willi takes home the third prize. Here you can almost see how the world looks like from the perspective of a bison.

Thank you to all who have participated in the competition.