Photo Competition 2020

The winners will be presented at our website December 15th.

Send us your best pictures from your visit at Smålandet! The three best pictures will be awarded with a prize(1st prize 2000:- 2nd prize 1000:- and 3rd 500:-)

The pictures have to be sent to us before October 26th.

Send the pictures to: Smålandet preserves the right to use any of the pictures entered in the competition.

The winners of Smålandets photo contest 2019

This year we have received over 600 pictures to the contest. Many are great and it has not been easy to select the winner of the year.

The first prize goes to Hanna Zetterberg from Sweden.

Hanna wins the first prize with a very sharp and detailed photo of the moose Gösta. You can almost see how the antlers growing under the skin. The antlers can grow up to two centimeters a day in the summer to be fully developed ready for the mating season in Septembe.

The Second prize goes to Sven Schubert from Germany.

Sven has managed to take a lovely picture of Göta with her little calf. The calf is only a few days old. Thanks for his long legs he can already follow his mother through the deep forest. The image is a little bit blurry, perhaps because of the distance. The picture took the second prize because of the unique moment.

The third prize goes to John Vester from Denmark.

John wins the third prize for taking a very harmonious picture of the bison bull Billy Boy. It is not an unusual sight in the park that the bisons relax on a suny day. With the right light and sharpness the picture became just perfect, rich of details and a nice depth.

Thank you to all who have participated in the competition.